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Language Program Direction

CARLA's Language Program Direction initiative equips new and future postsecondary language program directors (LPDs) with the knowledge and skills necessary to support their daily work. Although these resources are developed with directors of lower-level courses in postsecondary language programs in mind, they are relevant for LPDs working in a range of contexts.

Who are Language Program Directors?

LPDs in postsecondary language departments are responsible for all aspects of lower-level language instruction, including curriculum design, assessment, program evaluation, materials development, teacher supervision and professionalization, scheduling, and troubleshooting. Many LPDs are also active scholars and graduate student mentors. The complexity of the job thus requires a range of knowledge and skills, as reflected in the content of CARLA’s interactive modules.

Interactive Modules for LPDs

The Language Program Direction project team is working to create a set ofinteractive online modulesfor new and aspiring LPDs. Each module addresses a different topic related to directing lower-level language programs in postsecondary language departments. The modules can be used for self-study or as part of a course on language program direction.

Language Program Direction Bibliography

This extensivebibliographyincludes scholarly articles, chapters, and books organized around four main subject areas: curriculum and instruction, teacher professional development, and program administration and evaluation.

Second Language Research & Practice

SLRP logo Second Language Research & Practice(SLRP), the annual journal of the AAUSC, addresses postsecondary language education from theoretical, empirical, and practical perspectives and thus provides a venue for LPDs to share their work. The journal has two rubrics: research articles that report on original research or present an original framework related to postsecondary language education and language program direction; and reports that describe or present positions on curriculum projects, pedagogical practices, professional development, program administration, and the like.

美国大学协会的监督Coordinators (AAUSC)

TheAAUSC是一个全国性的专业组织中rts program direction, language instruction, teacher professional development, and research in U.S. postsecondary language departments. The AAUSC holds an annual business meeting and reception that provides networking opportunities for LPDs and provides numerous resources on its website.

CARLA Bibliography

The CARLA bibliography contains more information on publications and presentations by faculty and staff involved in the Language Program Development project.

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