Secondary Dual Language and Immersion:
Achieving the Promise of Continuation Programs

July 24–28, 2023
1-week in-person summer institute

Sarah Hutton and Cory Mathieu
Sarah Hutton and Cory Mathieu

双语和浸tran (DLI)项目sition into secondary schools, teachers and administrators are often faced with unique challenges that are less frequently addressed in general DLI literature, research, and professional development programs. During this five-day institute specifically designed for the secondary (middle and high school) dual language and immersion context, participants will explore the what, how, and why of secondary continuation programs. In particular, we will consider program structure, curriculum and assessment perspectives, and instructional practices that are necessary to ensure that DLI students continue toward high levels of bilingualism and biliteracy. Throughout this institute, participants will engage in constructive conversation, connect research to personal experiences, and apply new ideas directly to their teaching context.

After this institute, you will be able to:

  • Identify logistical criteria for successful secondary DLI programs;

  • Discuss issues of equity related to secondary DLI programs;

  • Understand content and language integration in the secondary classroom;

  • Recognize opportunities and identify strategies for collaborating across the curriculum with other DLI and English-medium teachers in your program; and

  • Develop an instructional sequence for incorporating a language focus into a content-based unit.
Program Schedule (9am-4pm)
Monday Secondary DLI programs
  • Considering Goals of Secondary Continuation Programs
  • Exploring Program Structures and Logistics with an Emphasis on Equity
Tuesday Curriculum: Content and Language
  • Foundations of Secondary DLI Curriculum
  • Content and Language Integration
  • Collaborating Across the Curriculum
Wednesday Partner Language Proficiency
  • Targeting Language Features with the CAPA Model
  • Redesigning Materials for Content and Language Integration
Thursday Assessment
  • Assessing for Content and Language in the Classroom
  • Performance Assessment and Rubric Creation
  • Advocating for Successful Programs
  • 教er Evaluation
  • Program-Level Assessment
  • Sharing of Final Products
  • Reflection and Looking Ahead


Cory Mathieu(Institute Leader and Co-instructor) is an Assistant Professor in the Professional Program in Education at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. She received her Ph.D. from the Second Language Education Program at the University of Minnesota. Her dissertation research focused on the development and use of DLI-specific materials for secondary Spanish immersion classrooms. As a former high school Spanish teacher, Cory personally understands the constraints and possibilities of secondary language education.

Sarah Hutton(Co-instructor) is the Dual Language Coordinator at Andersen United Middle School in Minneapolis Public Schools. She obtained her Masters in Education from the University of Minnesota and has taught in Dual Language Immersion programs at the secondary level for 8 years. She is currently pursuing a certificate in Dual Language and Immersion Education at the University of Minnesota. Sarah is particularly passionate about improving access for students to learn in their heritage language.

Target Audience
This institute is designed for dual language and immersion teachers, program coordinators, and administrators at the secondary (middle school and high school) level. The institute is not intended for elementary or postsecondary instructors.

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Quote Marks Right quote marksThe institute provided a wonderful bridge between theory and practice and provided space for both novice and experienced educators to identify ways to strengthen their programs to improve outcomes for all DLI learners.
Lynn Fulton,2022 Institute Participant

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