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Content-Based Language Teaching with Technology

钴T provides professional development and online resources that help language teachers create content-based lessons/units using technology to enhance students' language proficiency and content or cultural knowledge.

The What and Why of Content-Based Instruction(CBI)

Read aboutwhat CBI isand why it has been identified as a highly effective curricular approach in the field of language education.

钴T Instructional Modules

Visit the CoBaLTTonline instructional modules, which were designed to support face-to-face instruction on CBI and provide information about and resources for the main topics. Even those teachers who are not implementing CBI should find many of the resources useful.
National Language Standards
Principles of CBI
Curriculum Development for CBI
Instructional Strategies for CBI
Assessment for CBI
Technology for CBI

CBI-Based Lesson Plans and Units

Browse thelesson plans and unitsdeveloped by CoBaLTT participants and other teachers of many levels and languages.

钴T Unit Template

Develop your own CBI units by using the online钴T unit template. Teacher educators can also use the template to support professional development for teachers.

钴T Bibliographies

Search thebibliographies在CBI、评估和国家标准。

钴T Project Information

Findinformationabout the CoBaLTT project, project publications and presentations, and the CoBaLTT staff.

CARLA Summer Institutes for Language Teachers

Each summer CARLA offers a wide array of professional development opportunities for K-16 language teachers.

CARLA Bibliography

The CARLA bibliography contains more information on publications and presentations by faculty and staff involved in the CoBaLTT project.

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